Specific Qualifications and Experience:

Held the following positions:

  • Product planner
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Welding and Grinding/Polishing Supervisor
  • Production Manager (Cheese Equipment Manufacturing)
  • General Manager of Production/Service
  • Quality Control Manager (Cheese Equipment Manufacturing)
  • Manager of Customer Relations
  • Manager of Sales and Service/Installations
  • Vice President of Operations
  • General Manager of Sales
  • Certified Service Executive (CSE)


Todd M. Martin has 45 years of experience in manufacturing, sales and service of cheese making equipment and ancillary equipment requirements.

Full knowledge of the availability, reliability, effectiveness and performance of the latest technology and innovations in the dairy processing industry.

Established relationships with the majority of equipment manufacturers and suppliers to the cheese making and dairy industry.

Todd M. Martin CSE, Chief Advisor

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